What are keywords and its competition?

What are keywords and its competition?

Keyword is the word which we search on google or another search engine.Its depend upon search.what is keyword about Folk search anything on the search engine called keyword.
What is the keyword?
The word that is search on google is called keyword.If you want to get organic traffic through the search engine then always write articles or posts keeping focus keyword.Neglect long tail keyword because it’s not right for SEO in my opinion.
Always plan keyword focusing on search competition status.If competition is low its mean few web sites working on this keyword but on the opposite side your keyword Competition is high then It is difficult to rank in search engine.

Search engine ranking
When we search on google a keyword than google shows a result in second.In this page, many of website displayed about this keyword. Now which website showing on first row Its search engine ranking is up with the comparison of below websites.what is keyword folks want.
Google gives rank to all websites.Its depend on article SEO.If google does not give your website rank its mean your SEO is not good.Change the structure and add more content to this article than google gives you rank soon.
Keyword competition
We know that what is keyword but now we know about keyword competition.
Folks search a keyword on google search engine.Those keywords searched percentages high level it means their competition is high.when we writing an article we have to choose keyword first. Now its depend on your content SEO.
Your choose keyword competition is high then difficult to survive and getting rank on google.If you are new and practice for SEO then I recommend you to choose low competition for better practical experience.Now how we know about keyword competition?
Google introduced Adwords.In Adwords, google gives us a tool of keyword planner.Here we also know about keyword search, ranking, competition, bits, and related keyword.Must use this before writing.
How does google decide to rank high this website?
Google always gives their best.Google only rank those websites which SEO and backlinks strong than others.I describe you this answer in three parts below;
1-How much content in this website
2-How old this website
Keep you content increase and build your website backlinks because google like those websites which they have strong backlink.folks recommended your brand or website.

Hope you understand what i say but if you still want to know more about this topic or any other question about this topic please comment below your quries we reply you soon.Also read this my article Top 8 Off page SEO techniques 2017

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