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3 Important things to know about google


3 Important things to know about google

Google is a search engine. It provides the best result for their clients and also google serves some advanced tools and services.Now we are going to discuss them.

Gmail is a big service given by the google.Almost all folks used this service for their tasks in worldwide.
Google have many services but we only create a single Gmail and use their all services.They also have given us a feature of media sending in Gmail. We used this for pics & videos sending.

Adsense ;
Google Adsense is a platform where we earn money online from few different ways.Adsense gives us earning from Youtube, Admob, Blog or website.Its depend upon you what where you have experience or interest.

Google Plus;
Most folks didn`t know about google plus. It is a social website by the google here we make a profile and join our friends or groups, pages by just creating a single Gmail account.

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