5 bad things to know about android mobile

5 bad things to know about android mobile

Android is a robot name given by google. They released their series like S series and Note series well but they have some things to improve let we know;
Hanging problem;

Firstly Android has released their some series in android but in those series they have a fault of hanging also fault by few applications so far these faults are not fixed by company.A big example of Android useless mobile is Android Grand Prime.
Less memory;

Samsun also gives low memory and RAM size. It is not perfect for us.In device five & eight gega bite is not enough to use. Hope you understand.
Bad camera result;

They said camera is as well as we showed in description and properties but they have bad result.The internal memory storage of this device comes with 32/64/128 GB, 4 GB RAM. but it is not perfect able

Short battery timing;

In the properties of Android mobile they said 8hr battery timing but they lies. Only one hour useable then battery died.
Heavy applications( not supported );

we buy an android Android mobile for using apps and phone calls also. but in case of heavy apps your android mobile is not supported.
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