What is black hat seo and its factors

What is Black hat SEO?

There are two types of SEO
1) Black hat SEO
2) white hat SEO

1)White hat SEO;

It is a recommended way for the search engine.It is one of the ways which Google consist of a legal Now we talk about black hat SEO because of our topic.

2)Black hat SEO;

we do not recommend the Black hat SEO.It is a wrong way it boosts your website for short time but This method is risky for your website. Google give you plenty later and block your website for all time.
When we working on SEO on our website we follow some rules but these rules do not follow the Google algorithm.That’s called black hat SEO.We discuss few different way of black hat SEO below;
-Meta Tag Stuffing
-Keyword stuffing
-Doorway or gateway pages
-Mirror websites
-Page hijacking

Cloaking mean making two or more versions of one topic.In this way, visitors view and search engine view is different. For example: If we search on google for “Love” keyword but in the search result one of the website rank this keyword but it doesn’t have content about this keyword.that is called cloaking.
-Meta Tag Stuffing
In this way folks repeating their keyword over and over again in the meta description.It’s mean unnecessary using the of keyword in the meta description.For example: In this picture showed below repeating keyword over and over again

black hat seo - anexfar

This is the big example of SEO this person repeat keyword ten times
-Keyword stuffing
In this methods, folks used their keywords over and over again.Keyword has its own density. You can use your keyword 0.5% to 2% or 3% only. If you use keyword 5% to 7% then It is called Keyword stuffing. Want to know more about keyword then you can read out this article What are keywords and its competition?

-Doorway or gateway pages
Folks make fake pages means these pages only contain on Keyword.these pages don’t have any content about the keyword.That’s poor quality pages called Doorway/ Gateway pages.
-Mirror websites
In this case, folks make different websites mean three or five websites but upload their content same on all and apply SEO on all post like unique content.It is also a part of black hat SEO.
-Page hijacking
Page hijacking is the famous black hat SEO at this time.In this methods, folks used dummy content on this and search engine crawler serve like it is original content. Their aim for this to send traffic to nasty or fraud website but the user gets upset.

These are the main points of black hat SEO but it is wrong ways of black hat SEO and not recommend for you.Avoid all these points while applying SEO on your website.If you want to know more or any question about this than comment down we will reply you with 24 hours.Hope I clear this topic.

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