Tips to Earn money online on YouTube

Tips to Earn money online on YouTube

YouTube is a videos website.Youtube gives us a chance to earn with them by just uploading videos on youtube.nowaday youtube earning program spread everywhere.Almost, everyone can earn and earn money on youtube.

Earn money on youtube

Here, In every minute hundred of videos upload around the world.Now billions of videos uploaded on youtube and they earn from them.but recently youtube update their policy about monetization.
who can earn;
Everyone can earn money on youtube.Now the question arises that how we earn from this.Simply sign up on google and after sign in make a channel on youtube.Make videos and upload it on youtube After 10K views on your channel. Monetize it then ads will show and earning will start.
What type of videos upload;
On youtube Billions of visitor waiting for new videos. It doesn’t matter what type of videos uploaded there.It could be any kind of videos like Sports, funny clips, pranks, recommend tips and tricks, learning course, etc…, but remember one thing don’t upload adult content recommend for you to read the youtube policy first before the start.
How youtube paid us:
Youtube is a google project. So, they paid us through AdSense in few methods.But adsense apply their rules for us. In these rules, one of them is we cannot withdraw our money unless we verify our PIN first time and our earning will be showed 100$ + on Monthly Income. we will be described below few methods;
Western union
USA Bank Account

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