Miguel Top 10 moves in TEKKEN TAG 2

Miguel Top 10 moves in TEKKEN TAG 2

Miguel is the character of Tekken introduced in Tekken 6. Its full name is Miguel Caballero Rojo. Perhaps you know, TEKKEN game has its own story and almost all character in this game based on the story.Miguel Top 10 moves in TEKKEN TAG 2 is discussed here.

Miguel introduced in this game because of Jin Kazama. Jin Kazama Force of Tekken throw a bomb in his sister marriage ceremony and she died but lucky Miguel does not attend her marriageage because of hate parents.He watches all story behind the merriage site.
Now, Miguel aim to revenge with Jin Kazama and join Tekken..,
Miguel some attacks very powerful and useful of my experience has described below;
Jab is the common useful attack I recommend first.You can also read Tekken basic here.Miguel top moves on my personal experience shown below;
2,1 *
d/f+3,2 *
u/f+1 *
b+4 *
u/f+3 *
Hint: Don t forgets Miguel f+3+2 attack when the opponent in distance.
Wall Hint: When you VVV in wall then use these two moves u/f+1, f+3+2
Tag partner: Bob* , Jin, Lili, Paul, Leo, etc..,
Hate: Jin kazama, Ogre
Tag throw: Miguel ( d/f+1+2 ~ 5) to Bob

*stars = Recommended

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