PTCL Smart TV Reviews and Its features

PTCL Smart TV Reviews and Its features


PTCL Smart tv is the project of PTCL.PTCL is the abbreviation of Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited.In Pakistan, folks use Cable network to watch tv channels.This network fee monthly and their performance low quality.Now, PTCL launched smart tv for you with high-quality performance and with extra features.
This device has good performance and good resolution.Notice this part, resolution depends upon your LCD.This device also has the DVD and flash option for you.Just put your USB and press on the set button with you remote and select local play option.
Now you can play all files of USB.If you want to get back from here then you have to off the device first

   Device Slots   

-On/Off Button

-Power cable

-Modem cable

-HDMI port

-Audio/video port (Three)

-USB port (two)

This is the best ever network for tv channels because of its high-quality display.This PTCL smart tv has more than 150 channels of Pakistan and Indian country.We discuss below few PTCL smart tv features, You have to know.
-Live Tv
-Tv on demand
-Video on demand
-My recording
Live Tv
You can watch live channels with selecting Live tv. It’s not mean Live telecasting.It’s mean Live streaming of specific channel.You can also watch three hours later channel recording just clicking page up button.If you want to watch live tv then press page down button for the live channel.
Tv on Demand
When you select this, all channels display on the screen and you can watch all channels here.If you miss your movie or program then don’t worry about it PTCL smart tv gives you one-week backups of all channels.
Video on demand
On this option, you can watch movies online but mostly old movies available here like Bollywood, Lollywood, and Hollywood.For this, hold your remote in your hand and press yellow button and click ok.
Now you will see all movies what you select but remember one thing this is not free.They charge 25 Pakistani rupees per movie for one day only.If you miss then purchase again.Don’t use this part and download directly if you need.
There are many of channels available and often we want to hurry.Don’t worry about this, just search any channel name and play it.You can find easily.
My recording
In this device, you can easily record your movie, song, news, match etc and all channels backup of seven days mean one week.Keep remembering this device record you program by date not through their name automatically.You play your recording easily forwards and backward through the remote.
Smart Tv Remote
This is the advance remote controller for you PTCL device.It has two battery cells.Its works on your device not on your LCD or tv.It has many features like volume up down, channels forward or back and more extra features as you see below this picture.

PTCL smart tv remote-Anexfar

Channels Types
There are many types of channels available like
News /Sports/ Pakistani Dramas/ Indian dramas Channels/ Hollywood Movies/ Bollywood Movies/ Cartoon channels/ Islamic channels/ Music channels/ Spell movies and My tv These two are official Channels of PTCL company but mostly old movies are available here.
NOTE: This network is not well updated and you can’t face trouble sometimes.They charge 70$ per month and PTCL connection are compulsory for this.Detail below;

Bundle Detail Price
Smart Pack (new customers) Smart TV bundled with 256k unlimited broadband Rs. 749 per month
Smart Pack (existing customers) Smart TV bundled with 256k unlimited broadband Rs. 749 per month + one-time downgrade charge of Rs. 500
Smart TV on its own Smart TV without broadband Rs. 699 per month
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