Top free SEO tools you have to know

Top SEO tools you have to know

Seo tools are very effective for our website /blog.If we follow the steps of SEO then we late to do but by using of SEO tools we promote our website/blog very soon.Now we discuss few basic SEO tools you have to know;
Google Keyword Planner;
In SEO tools, Keyword is a very crucial part.We don’t know what’s kind of keyword searching in the search engine.For this purpose, google introduced his tool about the keyword.When you writing an article and confused about keyword then go to google and search google keyword planner.Sign in and make a plan about your future articles.This is easy but take a time long.
Google webmaster tool;
This junk is very crucial.This tool helps us to rank our website/blog on the top in search engine.Simply signIn and submit your website/blog URL and get verify.Once you get verify google automatically cruel your website on the top but If they can’t then your website content is not equal to their policy.Don’t make spam, Copy, etc.
After submission in webmaster tools, google send you to email to do few more steps like sitemap submit, your website www or not www and others.Follow all steps and don’t forget to fetch your all posts one by one when publish.
Google trend;
Google trend is the best way of SEO to know who’s the competitor of you.Submit here your website and category after signIn.Then google always sending you emails about your competitor.This tool helps us to make our website best than others. Just our aim should be positive in our field.Hope you understand.
Bing webmaster tool;
Like google webmaster tool, this tools is the crucial tool for the better rank.Simply sign in and verify your website like google webmaster tool and this junk not only gives you to get rank on bing search engine, It gives you rank and submission to Yahoo and MSN search engines.Don’t forget to use this part.
Yoast SEO plugIn;
This plugin is used like a tool because when I use this plugin, my mostly websites getting rank high on search engine.In this plugin of WordPress very many options available like meta tag, meta description, focus keyword, Three red, yellow and green colors for our SEO density.This junk is very crucial for In page SEO.
Search engine submission;
The purpose of this part to submit your website to all search engines.There are many of websites to submit your blog on the internet.This part gives you to submission to all search engines. but I recommend personally to use this.

I hope you understand we discuss in this article.If you want to get help or any kind of questions about this topic then you freely comment below or contact us.Hope you understand.

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