Top 5 writing tips for bloggers

Top 5 writing tips for bloggers

Are you a speaker?
If yes, then I have an idea for your writing tips.It is natural for me to speak but others way some folks have more natural to write an article.Now, I will tell you why we ask you this question and what is the idea of speakers.
1- Record you voice
Before writing the article we would recommend for you to record your voice first and also before this we would suggest you to make outline your story of what you want to say then write the article with the help of listening to voice record.
We suggest you first this part because when we write the article we missed some basics points sometimes and the reader not satisfies with our article and leave.In voice record, we are not missing any point and teach our reader well.
2-Be personal
It’s mean is personal with your service what you share and talk with your reader like you, we, us etc. When your reader satisfy with your article because you don’t let the ego between you both then he will return back later and also share your blog with others.
If you apply egocentric with your article then that is boring for the reader and they left your blog and never comes back.
3- Handwriting
Like voice recording, writing is the best way to write the blog.If you are thinking about your article then simply take the pen, paper and write something about your keyword because longhand is the lost art.It is different because when you writing the article you brain think fast then before.
4- Use Short Sentences
First of all, we would suggest you complete your meaning of article within first two lines and then write article complete with short language because long and unless meaning sentences getting board the visitor.Always write to the point of your keyword.
5-Use lists
Use lists for your article because visitor getting interested in this type of lists.We highly recommend you to make your articles like

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