Top Bob moves and its strategy

Top 10 moves of Bob in TEKKEN and Strategy

Bob is the character of Tekken game and he is introduced in Tekken 6.Bob is not his real name. His real name is Robert Richards.In Tekken 6 he is also an effective character like these characters.He introduced in Tekken 6 with Alisa, Miguel, bobDragunov.Top Bob moves we discuss below;

Top Bob moves

Command Damage Hit Range
33 mid
16 mid
19 mid
24 high
16,24 low,mid
21 mid
21 mid
28 mid
1,2 or 1,2,1+2 8,12,24 high,high,mid

19 mid

Punish moves

Command Damage Hit Range
1,2 8,12 high,high
1,4 8,18 high,high
b+3 21 mid
f+2,3 16,21 high,mid


Homing Moves

Command Damage Hit Range
f+4 24,15 High

Tag partner suggest;
Miguel, SlBob, Dragunov, Heihachi Mishima, Gangru.

These moves contain Tekken Tag Tournament 2 moves.Bob is the important character in my tier list.Bob is the fat player and he is also the fast player in Tekken.Some moves of Bob is not safe but belief me the moves create the strategy for you.I will give you the example of Bob strategy.
Strategy example;
Bob is the very hard character in Tekken.During playing with Bob don’t attack first and use moves like 1,2 then use backdash and 1,2.You use this move 1,2 again and again then your opponent gets angry and do any mistake or after 1,2 he will attack.That is the movement you hit 1,2,1+2 and create a full juggle of Bob.

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