How many ways to know Website statistics ?

How many ways to know website traffic?

Website statistics

On the internet, many of ways to know website statistics.These methods show you how many visitors coming just now, today or this month.What is the geo-location of all visitors and how many search engines send us traffic?There are few ways we discuss below
1-Google Analytics
Google Analytics is the best website statistics traffic because this is the Google program tool and detect you the visitor from URL means where from he coming and how many pages they visit our website.They share us traffic geolocation also and gives the update every second.
For this, just google it and login from your account.Submit your website, select method of verification, get the file and paste where they said but we recommend to choose header code this method, get the code, paste it on the theme header and click on verify.
2-Jetpat plugin
This plugin helps you to know website statistics.Once you install this plugin you have to sign in in their official website of WordPress.Complete all the process and allow this plugin.In this plugin we only watch visitors.Page views are not showing in this plugin.
This is the outstanding method ever to know your website traffic.Histats show all the result second by second.Histats also show all statics mean geolocation, search engine traffic, Traffic by URL, first time visitor, this month/ year or all time visitor.
Go to Histats and register your website.Verify your email and then get the code from histats, paste in your widgets.I will recommend you to choose this way because I’m using this way personally.Do this all and take relax when you come back you will see all things what you want.

All these things are showing your traffic privately.In the others way if you want to know others website traffic then don’t worry come back soon and stay with us.We will write an article on this topic. Hope you understand this topic.
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