what are website traffic and its types

what are website traffic and its types


Traffic is the most crucial junk of your website.Actually, your website visitor is the traffic of your website.You make a website and work on it.This not enough until your website traffic is not coming continuously. You will not get advantage from your website.

What are website traffic?

There are many ways to get website traffic fast and easy like few website gives you traffic by traffic exchange software like Jingling.If you know about Jingling then click here.
But I do not recommend getting traffic with any software, most Bot or website.You could try to get traffic with organic ways.There are three types of traffic;
– Organic Traffic
– Paid Traffic
– Back Traffic
1- Organic Traffic
This is the easiest and the crucial way to get traffic.In this way, you will get traffic from search engine.The way where you get traffic from search engine is called organic traffic.I personally recommend this way because this is the original way to access traffic life time.
If you rank any keyword on search engine then they will gives you traffic from this keyword and this is the traffic for life time not for the one / two days or months.
2- Paid traffic
In this way, you will get traffic temparary.The way where you gets traffic from paid methods is called paid traffic.For this, you create advertize for you service ads on advertizing companies and they showed these ads on different famous websites then you gets the traffic from this method.
3- Back returning Traffic
If you works countinuously on your website and take serious this then once anyone comes on your website and learn from you then he will definitely comes back later.This type of traffic is called back traffic.for this purpose you have to gives reply you visitors within 24 hours.

You work on organic website traffic we recommend for you.Do SEO well on you website and get more organic traffic.If you want to get help or ask quries then comments below.I will gives you reply as soon as possible.

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