What are Backlinks? and its parts

What are Backlinks? and its parts

What is backlink?
when others websites mention your URL on his article or recommend you. For this, they give a link that’s a link called backlinks.Backlinks are the backbone of off page SEO.When we impacting SEO on our website, the number of things we apply or neglected for SEO but all these procedures are not enough to rank in search engine of Google.
There are two types of what are backlinks given below;
– Onbound backlinks
– Offbound backlinks
1-Onbound backlinks
Onbound backlinks are actually your own website backlinks.It’s mean internal links of your website called onbound backlinks.The search engine like this way to create a net of your website with internal links.Connect your posts with one another posts with the helping of onbound link.
2-offbound backlink
When we mention others website URL on our website that’s linked is called offbound backlinks. It’s mean external links of our website are the offbound backlink.
Are offbound backlinks we need?
Yes, of course, While we impacting off page SEO, offbound backlinks is the backbone of backlinks as we read above because Google like these websites which are connected with others websites.Know more about Off page SEO. what are backlinks this type lets check an example below;
For Example: When we want to purchase any product or service like the mobile phone then before we purchasing.We asked our friends or relative what kind of cell phone company is better of us then which company are recommended our relatives or friends we purchase it.
Just like this example search engine gives the rank for keyword those websites which recommended by others websites.If you want to check your website backlinks than go to small SEO tools and check free.This is not the end because offbound backlinks has its more two types given below;
-Dofollow links
-Nofollow links
1-Nofollow backlinks
This type of backlinks only recommends us.If anyone gives you backlinks of nofollow then Its mean he recommend you but he does not sure about your website or product/service.Avoid to creating the nofollow backlinks.
2-Dofollow backlinks
This type of backlinks are the better and search engine notice that this website recommend this and they will give you juice mean advantage.In this, the search engine knows this link leap from this website.
When others website gives you dofollow backlink its mean that they recommend you for search engine and then you enjoy this juice from the taking rank in search engine.
Dofollow has more two types of backlink given below but we discuss this topic soon;
-High PR backlink (Recommended)
-Low PR backlink
PR means page rank in search engine.Hope you enjoy this post and leave comments for us if you have any quires about this then ask free.In the future, we are going to discuss last two types of backlinks which we leave now.

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