What is PayPal? how we use this?

What is PayPal? how we use this?

Paypal is the biggest company in the worldwide.Paypal transaction money online just clicking one button.folks always asked me this question about what is PayPal? how we use this, purpose and its features.

What is PayPal?
Paypal is the American company.It is used for money transaction in the worldwide.Almost all folks use this online payment method because of its security and easy to pay.If you are working online like AdSense, Media, Affiliate, or any other advertisement company then don’t worry about how we get paid on PayPal.Go to their payment method and choose PayPal.
How we use this?
Go to PayPal and sign up with the original data.Fill your form and after creating this account get 100% verify before use this because PayPal doesn’t active your account until you verify all things like Email, Phone, add the card, add bank.
Is PayPal secure?
Yes, PayPal company spread worldwide and millions of folks use this method to take or give money online.This method is 100% secure and big online shopping accepts this method only.
How we get paid?
Paypal gives us money from different methods like Payoneer, Bank account, Credit card.We suggest you choose the credit card.Don’t worry all methods are secure.
Is PayPal the credit card?
Paypal is the online transaction as we said above but this is not the credit card.where you want to shop online after shopping you will need to give the PayPal email only and then allow PayPal.That’s it.

NOTE: Paypal is the famous company but some online stores and online transaction companies are not accept this method but don’t worry apply for the Payoneer card and use this on all internet.If you do not know about Payoneer then comment below we write for you.

If any queries left yet then ask free we will get back soon as possible.If you want to earn money online then read this article  Top 5 ways to earn money online 2017

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