What is WordPress? how many parts inside?

What is WordPress? how many parts inside?

The manager which help us to manage the content is called Content Manager system.Like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc. Now we know about What is WordPress and how many features inside?
What is WordPress
Wordpress is CMS program, help us to manage the content or anything on our website.These are many CMS program are available on the internet to manage content.WordPress CMS is one of them It has many features, plugins, themes and advanced tools.Wordpress is the easy CMS program than others
In this system, we don’t have to learn HTML language because before the WordPress system bloggers are using HTML language to manage the content of the website which is hard to learn.
WordPress Plugins
Wordpress is the advanced CMS system.It has a lot of plugins to manage content.For example, If you are going to show social icons below the content then simply go to the Add plugin, search social icons, select, install and active the plugin.It is so easy then others systems.
All the plugins are free available on WordPress.Before the WordPress came folks used HTML to manage the content but now these plugins of WordPress makes easy.
WordPress Themes
There are more than hundred of themes available on the WordPress free.All types of themes like News, Blog, Magzine, Social or video sharing template are free to avail on WordPress.If you want to promote your business or services then we recommend you to choose WordPress.
Some folks don’t understand the free templates and looking for something new, advance then doesn’t worry some websites are offering you the advanced themes which are extra features and too easy for use but remember one thing they charge their fees and then delivers you.

If you still have any queries about what is WordPress and or any other about this topic then comments below we will reply back as soon as possible.

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